Architecture is basically a container of something. I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea.
Yoshio Taniguchi

Active Design Committee


The Washington, DC Active Design Committee (ADC) champions physical activity and health in design.  The committee’s primary goal is to promote awareness of public health epidemics and design strategies for combating them.  Rooted in our Nation’s Capital, the ADC seeks to formulate local synergies with sustainability measures and federal initiatives.  The Active Design Committee is a forum for amassing a broad range of stakeholders (architects, designers, planners, educators, federal administrators, and the greater public) to improve the health and wellness of humanity through design.



Board of Directors

Anna Cero,

Andrea Swiatocha,

Jennifer Simmons,

Nancy Skinkle (chair),


Committee Members

Cristina Crespo (former co-chair),

Kelly Shay, (former co-chair),

Israel Medina,

Rhea Patel,

Sam Milligan,

Ken Ray

Rachel Cowen

Matthew Welker


Everyone is welcome:  architects, non-architects, AIA members, and non-members alike.  Meetings are held the third Monday of every month at the District Architecture Center, 6:30pm-7:30pm.


What’s happening?  Check out our Events Calendar!



AIA NYC Chapter Manual of Strategies for Active Design

Center for Active Design in New York City:

“Mayor Bloomberg Announces First Ever Center for Active Design”


Healthy by Design

Sustainable DC Plan

DC Department of Health Initiatives

DDOT Bicycle Program:

DC Bicycle Maps:


Active Life DC:

2013 Walking Summit:



Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

The Campaign to End Obesity

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report

Active Design in communities and neighborhoods



stairs as a piano.  slide video

HBO Series “The Weight of the Nation”

USGBC LEED Webinar, 209: The Evolution of LEED

‘Wellness’ carries the 2nd highest weight in the LEED rating system!

Yuck – A 4th Grader’s Documentary about school lunch

A 21-day look at how health and wellness can be incorporated into all types of spaces and become a holistic part of our lives.


For more information, please contact co-chairs Kelly Shay and Cristina Crespo.